Community Calendar

There's a lot of Jewish events happening
in Albuquerque and beyond, a lot of things to plan for,
a lot of things not to miss.

This default view shows Events, but not Classes & Workshops. See instructions below.
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How to Use the Calendar's Category Tags

You can now use && (AND), || (OR), and ! (NOT) to build custom tag queries!

Looking for Events, but not Classes? Enter #!class-&-workshop in the Search Box.
(This is the default; how the Search Box is set up when you get to this page.)

Looking for Classes, but not Events? Enter #class-&-workshop in the Search Box.

Looking for Arts & Culture in Santa Fe? Enter #arts-&-culture&&santa-fe

Looking for Lecture & Learning in Albuquerque? Enter #lecture-&-learning&&albuquerque

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