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The Abq Jew App was launched in September 2013.
Almost 5 years and more than 600 downloads later,
the App's success will be remembered with great joy.

Although the Abq Jew App is taking a vacation -
the Web and Blog are still up &going strong.

Thank you!

Get The App!

The Abq Jew App is available – for free download –
from Google Play (for Android phones)
and from Apple iTunes (for iPhones).

Rabbi Arthur Flicker (formerly) of Albuquerque’s Congregation B’nai Israel says, “The Abq Jew App! What a wonderful addition to my iPhone! Abq Jew always keeps me up to date with happenings in our Jewish community. Now I have all of that information right on my phone. Thank you, Abq Jew!"

Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld of Albuquerque's Congregation Albert says, "I love the Abq Jew App! It makes accessing the Albuquerque Jewish community so much easier. Keep up the good work!"

Cantor Barbara Finn of Albuquerque's Congregation Albert says, "Mazeltov on the new Abq Jew App! It's a great thing for the Albuquerque Jewish community!"

The Abq Jew App enables users to:

  • Connect directly to the Abq Jew Web and the Abq Jew Blog, as well as to the Abq Jewish Event Calendar – the most complete in the Land of Enchantment.
  • Click on and view the videos that are regularly featured in the Abq Jew Blog.
  • Directly access the Abq Jew Twitter and Facebook feeds. 
  • Map and get directions to synagogues and other Jewish sites - in Albuquerque and all over New Mexico.
  • Email Abq Jew to let him know how much you're enjoying The Abq Jew App!
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