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There's a lot of Jewish things happening in Albuquerque and beyond, a lot of things to plan for, a lot of things not to miss.


A Taste of Honey 2015 

A Taste of Honey @ Albuquerque JCC @ Sun 01 February 2014 @ 10:00 am

What It Is: The Jewish community’s annual, exciting, social, cultural and educational event that offers an opportunity to savor Jewish life at its best and to explore our understanding of Judaism and the Jewish experience.

Keynote Speaker: The Keynote Speaker will be Gary Rosenblatt,  Editor and Publisher, The Jewish Week; The Joys and Oys of a Jewish Journalist: Covering One's Community from the Inside + 20 workshops following in two one hour sets.

Class Lineup: 

A-1: Not Alone Rabbi Deborah Brin and Lynn McKeever, JD 

The law gives us tools to prepare for when we need the comfort and companionship of the right people during life threatening illnesses, hospitalizations and other times of vulnerability. Paperwork matters. We will bring forms and answer questions as we present scenarios which will help you anticipate your needs and make choices in alignment with your values. 

A-2: Essentially Yiddish Harvey Buchalter 

A bissel of Yiddish, a bissel of laughs! Come learn why our old language (mameloshen/mother tongue) has become part of mainstream American culture. No previous knowledge is needed - only a sense of discovery and humor! 

A-3: Online Genealogy-How to Search and Record Family History
            Schelly Talalay Dardashti 

Move forward in your own family history quest by discovering vast collections of data including photos. Learn about numerous websites, search engines containing billions of records, genealogy blogs, Facebook pages and more. 

A-4: Crypto-Jews from Spain to New Mexico 1492-current Maria Espinosa 

Explore the history of the 400,000+ Jews who left Spain to escape the Inquisition, and the greater number that stayed behind as hidden Jews. Was Christopher Columbus a Jew? Share the surge of interest in the Jewish roots of Crypto Jews in New Mexico. Discuss the idea of hiding one’s identity and its impact on the generations that followed. 

A-5: The Biblical Book of Jonah Revisited Shlomo Karni, Ph.D 

Is the Big Fish Story just a whale of a tale about repentance and forgiveness? Gain a richer understanding of Jonah as we examine this story, including: Jonah’s personality, God’s unexpected patience and unique sense of humor, the relationship between God and his prophets, the essence of prophecy, and the universality of this story. 

A-6: Portrait of Today’s Jewish Community – Results of the First Jewish Demographic Survey of New Mexico 
        Marvin Gottleib, Ph.D, Sara Koplik, Ph.D, Marina Rabinowitz, Ph.D 

Discover the fascinating results of the 2014 Jewish Demographic survey. Learn how the Jews of New Mexico differ from the rest of the nation. Understand what our community looks like as a whole as well as the various sub-groups and smaller trends. Discussion will follow presentation of the findings. 

A-7: Stretching Bodies, Minds, and Hearts through Shemitic Yoga Rahmaneh Meyers 

Interweave movement, music, self-massage, and meditation, using Hebrew songs and words to guide your path through Shemitic Yoga. Then, if and when you are ready, consolidate your realizations, and bring careful closure as you prepare to enter the next adventure of your life.  

A-8: Jews and Cremation Gail Rubin, Certified Thanatologist 

The U.S. cremation rate is climbing, and Jews - who historically bury - are part of that rising rate. Examine the “why” of Jewish burial and cremation, the “how” of the cremation process, and “what’s next” for Jews considering cremation. 

A-9: Wrestling With the Sh’ma-the Power of a Prayer Diane Schmidt 

After facing death in El Salvador and Chicago as a photojournalist, and through many years of life-changing immersion in Navajo spirituality, I came to a deeper understanding of the most primary prayer in Judaism, the Sh’ma. View documentary photos of this journey. Share your personal relationship with the Sh’ma. Together we will recite and meditate on its meaning. 

A-10: Meditation, Mindfulness, and the Art of Blessing Paula Amar Schwartz, Ph.D 

The Jewish tradition is filled with opportunities to open us to mindful awareness of the richness of life, the beauty of nature, and our relationship to the Divine. Learn about the concepts of mindful Jewish living; sample a meditation; and focus on the “Taste of Honey” in the art of blessing the day. 

B-1: Hebrew: Its Shaping Power for Jewish Identity Rabbi Paul Citrin 

Hebrew has been the glue and the bridge which has maintained the Jewish people in the Diaspora. It is also our repository of the expression of our deepest values. We will examine the drama of Hebrew’s usage over the centuries, its revival and its power to touch the Jewish spirit. 

B-2: DNA Genetic Genealogy Schelly Talalay Dardashti 

Connect with your known and unknown relatives and branches of your family using DNA genetic genealogy. Explore Y DNA, mtDNA, autosomal tests, with a fascinating focus on the Iberian/Ashkenaz DNA Project. Find the Sephardic origins of numerous Ashkenazi families. 

B-3: A Taste of Jewish Dance Michele Diel 

Sample the joy of dance with a nibble of Klezmer, a nosh of Israeli and a sip of sacred Jewish dance. Learn steps and variations – to old favorites and new music. Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced - come dance with us! B-4: Lilith: Seductress, Heroine or Murderer? Janet Gaines, Ph.D 

Lilith is mentioned just once in the Bible, but many times in the Talmud and folklore. She declared herself equal to Adam, got kicked out of Paradise, and became a figure of female emancipation. Learn all about the Lilith myth in text and artwork, both ancient and modern. 

B-5: Conversos and Their Descendants in Literature Dianne Layden, Ph.D 

How did a trunk in an Albuquerque cellar and happenings in Arcos de la Frontera, Spain, help reveal hidden heritage and mysterious traditions? Interwoven stories from 1391 Spain, to 1912 New Mexico, to present day, unveil the long-term influence of the Inquisition on so many lives of the descendants who are among us. 

B-6: Chant as a Doorway into Liturgy and the Heart Miryam Levy 

Come experience Hebrew chanting as a vehicle to transcend your thinking mind and the realm of the ordinary. Enter deeply into the meaning of the words and gather insight by focusing on a single phrase from Psalms and other liturgy. 

B-7: Irving Berlin in Song and Story Judy & Michael Muldawer 

Learn about a most important song writer in American history, Irving Berlin. Listen to his story while being entertained by popular and lessknown songs. Discover how this uneducated Russian immigrant, a cantor’s son, raised in terrible poverty, made such an impression on American popular music.  

B-8: You Don’t Have to be Rich or Dead to Create Your Jewish Legacy Erika Rimson & Vivian Skadron 

Understand how you can create a legacy with the Jewish Community Foundation. Support the areas of Jewish life that mean the most to you. Learn the impact of grants for Jewish camping, Israel trips or college tuition. Discover how easy it is to make a difference for the causes you support in our community and worldwide- now and always. 

B-9: A Noble (& Nobel) Profession for a Nice Jewish Kid: Physics & Astronomy in Classic Jewish Texts Rabbi Jack Shlachter 

Jews constitute an astounding percentage of Nobel Prize winners in physics. Explore the full gamut of Jewish texts that encourage the study of physical sciences with this Los Alamos physicist and rabbi. 

Super Sunday for Jewish Federation of New Mexico 

Super Sunday @ Albuquerque JCC @ Sun 08 February 2015

What It Is: Add to the vibrance of the New Mexico Jewish picture  — from generation to generation — by supporting the Jewish Federation of New Mexico’s 2015 Annual Campaign during the “Call Up” on Sunday, February 8th.

Your gift helps meet the needs of Jews in New Mexico,Israel and worldwide through leadership, philanthropy, education and social action. When your phone rings on February 8th, please answer the call. 

To volunteer for a Call Up shift, or to make a contribution, please call Kristen at (505) 821-3214, e-mail: kgurle@jewishnewmexico.org or visit www.jewishnewmexico.org. 

KlezmerQuerque 2015 

KlezmerQuerque! @ Nahalat Shalom @ Presidents' Day Weekend 2015

What It Is: Congregation Nahalat Shalom, the Nahalat Shalom Community Klezmer Band, and Nahalat Shalom’s Yiddish dance troupe Rikud present KlezmerQuerque 2015!

KlezmerQuerque 2015 features Steven Lee Weintraub, Jake Shulmen-Ment, and Benjy Fox-Rosen, who will all be performing and teaching throughout the weekend.

 Highlights of the festival will include performances by the three guest artists on Friday evening February 13 as part of Der Freylekher Shabbes; and on Saturday evening February 14 at the concert and dance party, which begins at 6:30 pm. On Sunday February 15 between 10:00 am and 5:15 pm the guest artists will all teach three 90-minute workshops in instrumental music. 

Also on Sunday, there will be a catered milkhik “Lunch ‘n Learn’ when Shulmen-Ment presents a multi-media musical travelogue of his year as a Fulbright Scholar exploring the deep roots that connect Romanian music and klezmer music. Fox-Rosen, former Fulbright scholar to Moldova joins for questions and answers.

KlezmerQuerque 2015 Artists

Steven Lee Weintraub is a Yiddish dance master from Philadelphia, PA. He is a teacher, choreographer, and performer of Jewish dance, particularly Yiddish dance, the dance to klezmer music. Born on Governor's Island, Bar Mitzvahed in the Bronx, and living now in Philadelphia, Steven Lee Weintraub received his dance training in Manhattan with Alvin Ailey and Erick Hawkins, among others. He is in international demand as a teacher of traditional Yiddish dance at festivals and workshops including Klezkamp, Klezkanada, and festivals in Krakow, Furth, Paris and London to name a few. Steven delights in introducing people to the figures, steps and styling of the dances that belong to Klezmer music. He has often been called the “Pied Piper of Yiddish Dance”; his years of experience leading and researching Yiddish dance allow him to quickly weave dancers and music together in astonishing ways. Young and old, from all backgrounds, find it easy to share in the joy of Yiddish dancing with Steven.

Born and residing in New York City, violinist Jake Shulman-Ment is among the leaders of a new generation of Klezmer and Eastern European folk music performers. He has performed and recorded internationally with Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird, Di Naye Kapelye, Adrian Receanu, The Other Europeans, Frank London, Duncan Sheik, David Krakauer, and many more. An internationally in-demand teacher, Jake has been a faculty member of New York’s Henry Street Settlement, KlezKamp, KlezKanada, Klezmer Paris, the Krakow Jewish Culture Festival, Yiddish Summer Weimar, and other festivals around the globe. An avid traveler, Jake has made several extended journeys to collect, study, perform, and document traditional folk music in Hungary, Romania, and Greece. In 2010 Jake received a Fulbright research grant to collect, study, perform, and document traditional music in Romania. His wide range of styles includes klezmer, classical, Romanian, Hungarian, Gypsy, and Greek. His classical music experience has consisted of performances with orchestras and chamber music groups throughout New York and New England, as well as study with internationally renowned concert artist Gerald Beal and widely acclaimed violin pedagogue Joey Corpus. Jake has created, directed, and performed music for a number of theater pieces, including several shows with theatrical wizard Jenny Romaine of Great Small Works, and the Folksbiene Yiddish Theater. He co-founded and regularly performs at “Tantshoyz,” New York's monthly Yiddish dance party sponsored by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, and is frequently invited to accompany dance workshops led by Yiddish dance master and world-renowned ethnomusicologist Walter Zev Feldman. Jake’s debut solo CD, “A Redele (A Wheel)” (Oriente Musik, 2012) was nominated for the German Record Critics’ Award.

Benjy Fox-Rosen is a singer, bassist and composer creating new Jewish music. Ranging from re-imaginings of Yiddish art songs to original settings of the poetry of Krakow's Mordechai Gebirtig, Fox-Rosen's music has received critical acclaim from around the globe. Hailed by The Forward as "one of the rising stars in the Yiddish music scene" Fox-Rosen performs with many of the living legends of the so-called Klezmer Revival. He has performed at Celebrate Brooklyn (USA), the Chicago World Music Festival (USA), the Speigeltent at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK), KlezMORE Festival (AU), as well as venues throughout the Americas and Europe. Benjy has taught workshops at Klezkamp, Klezkanada, The New England Conservatory, Krakow's famed Jewish Festival, The Vilnius Yiddish Institute and many other festivals. Fox-Rosen was the recipient of a Fulbright research grant for 2012-2013 to Chisinau, Moldova where he was immersed in the shared musical languages of Yiddish and Moldovan music. In 2012 he was the recipient of a New York State Council for the Arts 'Folk Apprenticeship' grant to study with master Yiddish singer/composer Joshua Waletsky. Benjy has recently relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Vienna, Austria, where he can combine his love of Yiddish music with his passion for Apfelstrudel.

Congregation Albert Rabbi Shor Library Presents   

Authors' Panel @ Congregation Albert @ Sun 15 February 2015 @ 3:00 pm

Authors' Panel

What It Is: The popular Authors' Panel returns with poetry, conversion, a spunky woman, and a ghost.

Four local authors will speak about their books and the inspiration behind them. 

  • Janet Eigner is a poet whose home is Santa Fe. Writing in free verse, her poems are about family, community and the earth. She received a New Mexico-Arizona Book Award in 2013 for What Lasts Is The Breath.
  • Mary E. Carter wrote A Non-Swimmer Considers Her Mikah: On Becoming Jewish After Fifty. Her book recounts the process of charting a new life and the changes that brings about. 
  • Stacy L. Cooley’s debut novel Izzy Rio’s Wild and Pretty overlays the search for the secret behind a parent’s death onto New Orleans and Mardi Gras. 
  • Lois Ruby brings her recent success, Rebel Spirits, featuring a romance between a contemporary girl and a ghost from the Battle of Gettysburg.

The authors will each speak and respond to questions. The event is free, and refreshments will be served as attendees mingle with the authors. Register by e-mail to: rabbishorlibrary@congregationalbert.org.

From Tesfa to Tikva / From Hope to Hope

Irene Fertik @ Congregation Albert @ Tue 17 February 2015 @ 7:00 pm

Irene Fertik

What It Is: A photo documentary by Irene Fertik.

Irene Fertik's book project title “From Tesfa to Tikva / From Hope to Hope” uses two words in two languages for HOPE:  “Tesfa” (“hope” in Amharic, the language Ethiopian Jews spoke in the old country) to a second “hope” in Hebrew, their new language)  to show the transition of Ethiopian Jews in their evolving struggle to integrate. 

Most Ethiopian Israelis immigrated less than thirty to thirty five years ago, from small isolated mountain villages and a pre-modern agrarian society, to a twenty-first century technological/urban one. Though the Beta  Israel community prayed for generations to return to  Jerusalem, the exodus from Ethiopia required great  sacrifice for the older generations and huge challenges  for the younger generation. Israelis who heard of their  devotion to their faith and the hardship of their journey, as if it were a biblical prophecy, welcomed them (at first) with open arms. 

Today, Israel’s nearly 135,000 Ethiopian Jews are still in a transition period, where some old ways continue to be practiced, while most others are making way for the new. 

This photo documentary aims to tell their story  -  both in photos from the early years of transition to the present day. 

The visual contrasts remain extraordinary;  an ancient African people, but now in a mostly white very modern society. Successes within the community have been tempered by many challenges and failures. For example, a young boy who was once a shepherd in Gondor is now a computer jockey in Tel Aviv. Over 2,400 Ethiopian-Israeli students enroll in higher education studies every year. Hundreds of Ethiopian-Israelis have started small businesses and 24 Ethiopian-Israeli rabbis have been ordained. Yet most Ethiopian-Israeli families still live below the poverty line, and juvenile delinquency is epidemic. 

But these graceful, reserved people are destined to succeed as they continue to endure from tesfa to tikva in their thoughts, prayers and deeds.

UNM International Studies Institute - Contemporary Jewish Studies Lecture Series

Professor Michael Brenner @ UNM Keller (Popejoy) Hall @ Fri 27 February 2015 @ 10:00 am

What It Is: The UNM International Studies Institute is pleased to introduce its 2015 inaugural lecture in Contemporary Jewish Studies. The lecture is free and open to the public.

The first speaker will be Michael Brenner, Professor of Jewish History and Culture, University of Munich, Germany; and Seymour and Lillian Abensohn Chair in Israel Studies, American University.

Professor Brenner's topic will be "Jewish Life in Europe Today: Crisis or Revival?"

Jews in today's Europe face numerous new challenges: the rise of extreme right-wing populist parties, a mixture of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism among radical Islamists, and diminishing awareness of the Holocaust among the younger generation. Some communities experience existential threats and an exodus of their members. Yet, other communities are flourishing. This lecture will show both crisis and revival of European Jewry in our generation. 

For further information, please contact the International Studies Institute at (505) 277-1991. 

This Lecture Series is supported in part by a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of New Mexico 

 Purim 2015

Purim 2015
Purim 2015

Jewish - Christian Dialogue  

Interfaith Spring Colloquium @ Congregation B'nai Israel @ Sun 8 March 2015 @ 1:00 pm

Jewish-Christian Dialogue

What It Is: Jewish Christian Dialogue of New Mexico presents its 22nd Annual Interfaith Spring Colloquium.

This year, the topic will be God and the World: Are We in Conflict?

The presenters are Rabbi Jack Shlachter and Sister Joan Brown, osf. Rabbi Shlachter serves as a rabbi at HaMakom, The Place for Passionate and Progressive Judaism in Santa Fe, and is also a physicist working at Los Alamos National Laboratories. Joan Brown is a Catholic Franciscan sister who serves as the Executive Director of New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light, an organization that works with all faith communities to address climate change and sustainability.

Topics to be considered include:

  • What do our faith traditions tell us about caring for the Earth and the environment?
  • How do we interpret this passage from Genesis 1:28 today?  "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it."
  • As individuals, what roles do love and moral values play in better living in harmony with our world and fellow human beings?
  • What do our Scriptures have to say to us about the advancement of technologies, the protection of the environment and the treatment of our fellow human beings?

Registration: The registration fee for the Colloquium of $30 includes snacks and high tea. Students can attend for $15. To make reservations, call Pam Fraser-Walters at 505-291-8115 by February 23, or register online with a credit card at GailRubin.com.

Pizmon A Capella Comes to Albuquerque! 

Pizmon @ Congregation B'nai Israel @ Fri 13 March through Sat 14 March


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