How to Use the Calendar

Please follow the instructions below to add your event or class to
Jewish New Mexico's Community Calendar and then publicize it.

Click here to view or print a PDF version of the instructions.

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How to Add Your Event or Class to the Calendar

Wait! Before You Start!

Check to see if your event or class is already listed!

1. Go to the top of the Calendar.

It can be Jewish New Mexico's Community Calendar or the JFNM Community Calendar. It makes no difference - they will both take you to the same place.

2. Click the Submit Event button.

The Jewish New Mexico Submit Event form will be displayed.

Whether it's an event or a class - the Tockify Calendar calls it an event. Don't worry - it's fine.

3. Provide some basic information.

You'll be asked for some basic information about yourself and the event or class.

Then it gets a bit more interesting.

4. Provide a category tag and an image.

Please choose from the category tags shown below, which will appear in a drop-down list.

If you are adding a class - please select Class & Workshop.

If you are adding an event - please select the category tag that fits best.

A picture is worth 1K words. You can provide either a "raw" image or a "finished" image (like the one at the top of this page). A logo for the sponsor or event works even better. And a 600 pixel x 600 pixel square image works very well.

5. Provide the date and time for the event or class .

If you are only sure of the dates, that's fine. If you know the start time but decline to predict when the event or classwill be over, enter the start time as the end time.

6. Provide a description of the event.

The description can be as long and detailed as you want. Just keep in mind that readers want the important information as quickly as possible; so be reasonable. Website links are always valuable. Plus - you can do a lot of basic-but-nice formatting!

7. Provide an address for the event.

All you have to do is enter the name of the venue (i.e., Balloon Fiesta Park) as the Address and the city. Google Maps will, in most cases, do the rest.

8. Click the Check and Submit button.

The Check and  Submit page will be displayed.

9. Review the information you are about to submit.

If you want to go back and add / change / delete anything, click the Back to Editor button. If you are happy with what you've got, go ahead and click the Submit Event button.

You can always Contact Abq Jew with updated information. Or a better graphic. Or whatever.

Then What Happens?

Shortly after you submit your event, Abq Jew will get an email that will direct him to the calendar's Submitted Event List, to approve / edit / reject your submitted event.

Whereupon Abq Jew does one or more of those things. Most often, Abq Jew will approve, or edit and approve. Since he tends to avoid confrontation, Abq Jew will almost never reject.

Your event is posted on
Jewish New Mexico's Community Calendar
as soon as Abq Jew hits the Approve button.

If you don't see your event on Jewish New Mexico's Community Calendar a couple of days after you submit it,
please contact Abq Jew. Sometimes things just get lost in the sauce.

If you want more information, or different information, or a new image, or the time has changed ... or whatever.
Just Contact Abq Jew and he'll take care of it. Your posting is always editable.

OK ... Now what?

First, let's click on Birkat haChama (ברכת החמה) - Blessing of the Sun and see what we've got.

  1. We've got a full, nicely-formatted, easy-to-read explanation of exactly what the Blessing of the Sun is and why people should observe and participate.

  2. We've got the location of the Blessing of the Sun (i.e., Albuquerque) and a map to it.

But wait! There's more!

How to Publicize Your Event or Class from the Calendar

See that row of icons across the top of the Balloon Fiesta posting? That's where you can

  1. Click the Twitter icon and share the Blessing of the Sun with your followers.
  2. Click the Facebook icon and share the Blessing of the Sun with your friends.
  3. Click the Calendar icon and save the Blessing of the Sun in your calendar.
  4. Click the Link icon and copy the Blessing of the Sun link to your clipboard. You can then insert the link on your website, in an email, or wherever.
  5. Click the Email icon and email the Blessing of the Sun posting to your email contacts.

We're not done yet!

Depending on how you and Abq Jew have set up your event posting, you can click a tab
Buy Tickets, get More Info, and/or RSVP for your event.

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